New Report: Putting Justice in NC’s Juvenile System

Juvenile Justice

Durham, NC — A report released today from the Youth Justice Project finds that the juvenile justice system is falling short for over 12,000 impacted children. Despite major policy advances like Raise the Age in 2017, North Carolina has a long way

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North Carolina is Poised to Raise the Age of Juvenile Jurisdiction


RALEIGH, NC — The state budget released yesterday by leaders in the North Carolina General Assembly contains policy language and funding provisions that will raise the age of juvenile jurisdiction in the state. Currently, North Carolina is the only state

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Increase in NC School Suspension Rates Negatively Impacts Students

Report Shows over One Million Days of Classroom Instruction Lost in North Carolina Due to Suspensions DURHAM, N.C. – A report released today from the Youth Justice Project finds that North Carolina public schools are increasingly using suspension as a

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#RaiseTheAgeNC Virtual Advocacy Day


Earlier this week New York changed its laws to stop automatically charging all 16- and 17-year-olds as adults.  That’s great news!  But it now means that North Carolina is the only state in the country to charge all 16- and

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Ban the Confederate Flag in Orange County Schools


“For many, the flag is a racially inflammatory symbol, which is undeniably rooted in slavery and racism. Given OCS’ commitment to serve all students, the district should not allow the Confederate flag on its campuses.” – Orange County NAACP President

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A New Year; Same Old Story in Wake County

By Jason Langberg “This incident is more about how little this officer, and so many officers around the country, value black bodies, black health, black safety and security.” – Shaun King, NY Daily News, Jan. 4, 2017 Earlier this week,

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New Youth Justice Resource: Racial Equity Report Cards

By Peggy Nicholson For many of the students heading back to school this week, a new school year is an exciting time, filled with new outfits, new teachers, and new schedules. Unfortunately, for many students of color, a new school

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First in Flight, Last in Youth Justice

by Austin Braxton North Carolina is the only state that automatically processes every 16 and 17 year-old through its adult criminal justice system without an opportunity for the youth to appeal for a transfer to juvenile court.[1] In fact, juvenile

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Amicus Brief: Silver v The Halifax County Board of Commissioners

By Ricky Watson Halifax County, NC is home to some of the lowest performing schools in the state.  One of the main reasons why they perform so poorly is rooted in the three separate school districts (two “black districts” and

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Opportunity Lost: North Carolina High School Athletics Association Felony Ban

By Ricky Watson The Problem After taking a trip to Walmart, noticing a fashionable piece of clothing and making the bonehead decision to pull the security tag off and walk out of the store, a 15-year-old high school student will

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